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1) The BOA and the RBO are having a combined banquet on Thursday, March 23, at Shiro's restaurant in Rockford, starting at 7pm. The restaurant is located on the corner of Auburn and Springfield streets. Pizza and pop will be provided, alcohol is available for purchase on your own. Please consider attending and supporting our association. If you need a ride that day please let John Koester know.

2) BOA Basketball Clinic - June 7 (6-10PM) location TBA, Games June 9-11 in Lanark. Assignors will be observing. More info to follow.

3) BOA Football Clinic - DATE CORRECTION July 15 at Freeport Hight School with 7 on 7 tournament.
Contact Dave Eberle for more information.

4) IHSA Summer Conference - July 21-22 in Peoria.

5) BOA Football Meetings - Aug 9, Aug 16 (after Business Meeting), Aug 23 (Review Part 1 Test), Aug 30, Sept 6.

6) BOA Business Meeting:

Wednesday - August 16th @ Freeport High School @ 6:30.

7) Cub Foods Brat Stand:

Friday - Oct 20th From 11AM - 5PM
Saturday - Oct 21st From 11AM - 5PM

We will need plenty of help!!

8) BOA Basketball Meetings - Oct 22 (Joe Spagnola speaking), Nov 2 (Logans - Go over Part 1 Test), Nov 9.

9) BOA Softball Clinic - February 2018 - More details to follow.

10) BOA Baseball Clinic - 2nd or 3rd Sunday in February 2018 - More details to follow.

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