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1) IHSA renewals are due now! Logon on to your IHSA account and follow the renewal link!
Also starting this year when you renew you will be asked if you want rule and case books for the sports that don't get them this year.
Each book is $7, the BOA will not be purchasing books this year. Get them during the renewal process if you want them.

2) BOA dues are due by 8/31! ($10 new member, $20 returning member, $35 if paid after 8/31)

3) BOA Football Meetings are set for August 10,17,24,31 & August 22. Meetings are from 6:30 to 8pm.
August 22 meeting will be to go over the Part 1 Test at Logan's Bar and Grill. Pizza and pop will be provided.

4) BOA Basketball Meetings are set for October 16, 23, & January 29.
The October 19th meeting will be a joint meeting with RBOA starting at 7pm the location is TBA.
Sam Knox from the IHSA will be the speaker.

A seperate date to go over the Part 1 test will be announced later.

5) BOA Business Meeting
Monday, August 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm @ Freeport High School

6) Softball Clinic is set for February 19, 2017 at Freeport High School 1-5pm.
Call Steve Brown for more information.

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